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reDefine the way you use ActiveCampaign

Solopreneurs, Small and Medium Sized Businesses: Learn how to take advantage of the full capabilities of ActiveCampaign...
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Stop Struggling With...

Incomplete Configuration

You may have a super funnel dumping subscribers into your list but do you have ActiveCampaign set up to nurture relationships, identify the most engaged, and tell you about it – automatically?

Technical Overwhelm

Let’s face it, you’re awesome at what you do but are buried dealing with the technical parts of the systems you need to run your business efficiently.

Lack of Expertise

Maybe you’re pretty technical.  And perhaps you’ve got the right software setup.  But do you have the expertise to configure it into a SUBSCRIBER CONVERTING  Customer Experience Automation system?

Are you Using

Customer Experience Automation?


An end-to-end Customer Experience Automation (CXA) system can be challenging to set up correctly.  But once you do, it saves tons of time, gives your subscribers the content they want (which makes them happy), and identifies the most responsive, excited folks that are ready for your high-ticket offer.

Top 5 ways to tell you might not be leveraging the full power of ActiveCampaign



You’re not converting list subscribers into clients because you don’t know who’s most likely to convert.


You’re wasting time on tedious activities that could be better handled by ActiveCampaign.


You’re not capturing important information about your subscribers.


You’re sending the same content to everyone on your list without knowing their interests and getting low interaction rates.


You want to scale your business but your systems and processes are cumbersome and holding you back.

Robert St. Hilaire

Who Do I Help?

Small and Large B2B & B2C Businesses




Course Creators



Anyone wanting to succeed with ActiveCampaign

My Services

Custom Implementation

Tailor your unique interaction with me.

Have specific needs that can’t be met by my other services?  I can create a customized program for you or your company.  Possibilities are unlimited but here are some examples:


    • Complete implementation of a new ActiveCampaign account.
    • Personalized long-term coaching/mentoring.
    • Team training.
    • Short or long-term consulting.

Over-the-Shoulder Training and Coaching

Need help getting something done quickly?  Not sure of the best direction to go with something?

Work with me directly while I guide you through how to set up ActiveCampaign on a live Zoom session.

All sessions are recorded and you will receive the video upon completion.

Examples of how I can help:

    • Complex Automations
    • Customized Content
    • Effective Segmentation
    • Site Tracking
    • Pipelines and scoring




ActiveCampaign customers leveraging customer experience automation report growing faster than industry averages.

Additionally, those implementing CXA strategies across industries – B2B, B2C, and eCommerce – experience improved results for their efforts at every stage in their customer’s lifecycle since they’ve started to use CXA.

2022 Customer Experience Automation Impact Report

To execute a good, consistent, experience for customers, relevant to messaging is a must.  Tools like conditional content with emails helps by showing the right wording or imagery based on a segment’s previous actions, preferences, and behaviors.

2022 Customer Experience Automation Impact Report

CXA drives better experiences by helping businesses engage customers across the entire customer lifecycle and connect everything on a single, flexible platform. Compared to legacy email, CRM, or automation solutions, CXA allows personal 1:1 experiences to be delivered to customers at scale, so no matter how large a business grows, they can communicate with every customer like and individual.

2022 Customer Experience Automation Impact Report


Scoring Pipeline Checklist

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